Oran Looney

Hi, I’m Oran Looney. I do math. I write programs. I science… data? That doesn’t sound right. I -tican stats? No, that’s even worse. Maybe you should just think of me as a nematode wrangler because many of the neural networks I train at work are roughly the same complexity as the C. elegans connectome.

The best way to get in touch with me is through email: olooney@gmail.com.

I hold master’s degrees in physics and math and have worked as an Interface Analyst, a Software Engineer, a Director of Software Development, a Software Architect, and a Data Scientist. These days I’m professionally interested in R, Python, data visualization, applied statistics, machine learning, quantitative marketing, and healthcare data management.

Outside of work, I like puzzles: programming challenges such as Advent of Code or leetcode; traditional puzzles like the Moscow puzzles; puzzle games like euclidea or the Professor Layton games. I’ve also been thrilled by the recent wave of recreational mathematics and other educational content on Youtube and elsewhere: 3Blue1Brown, Ben Eater, Mathologer, back-pen/red-pen, Presh Talwakar or Dr.Peyam. I think this new wave of math and science popularizers are doing a great job and I encourage you to check them out and support them if you can. Or if you’re just feeling charitable in general, consider supporting Wikipedia or helping hungry children inWisconsin.