Oran Looney

Hi, I’m Oran Looney. I do math. I write programs. I science… data? That doesn’t sound right.

The best way to get in touch with me is through email: olooney@gmail.com.

I hold master’s degrees in physics and math and have worked as an Interface Analyst, a Software Engineer, a Director of Software Development, a Software Architect, and a Data Scientist. These days I’m professionally interested in R, Python, data visualization, applied statistics, machine learning, quantitative marketing, and healthcare data management.

Outside of work, I like puzzles: programming challenges such as Advent of Code or leetcode; traditional puzzles like the Moscow puzzles; puzzle games like euclidea or the Professor Layton games. I’ve also been thrilled by the recent wave of recreational mathematics and other educational content on Youtube and elsewhere: 3Blue1Brown, Ben Eater, Mathologer, back-pen/red-pen, Presh Talwakar or Dr. Peyam. I think this new wave of math and science popularizers are doing a great job and I encourage you to check them out and support them on Patreon if you enjoy their videos. Or if you’re just feeling charitable in general, consider supporting Wikipedia or helping hungry children in Wisconsin.